Like all troubadours, singer-songwriter Phoebe Hunt is a rambler. Recent years have seen the Texas native relocate from Austin to Nashville to her current residence in Brooklyn. This wanderlust is evident in her new album with The Gatherers featuring Connor Forsyth, Walk with Me (out Aug. 26, 2014), which effortlessly blends country, swing, jazz, folk, and pop.

Hunt and singer-songwriter-multi-instrumentalist Connor Forsyth (a founding member of roots act The Ghosts Along the Brazos) have been collaborating together for more than six years: they first began performing together as bandmates in Americana/swing/gypsy jazz band The Belleville Outfit. After that group dissolved, the two musicians began writing songs together as Forsyth toured with the legendary Ray Price and Hunt pursued a solo career, releasing a self-titled EP in 2012 and a live album in 2013, in between touring with cellist Ben Sollee and forming Fuel Our Fire (Heal the World Through Music), a program that brings the gift of musical collaboration to young artists from around the world.

Hunt and Forsyth’s musical chemistry cannot be denied, and it has never been stronger than it is on Walk with Me, where they’re also joined by longtime friends guitarist Marshall Hood, bassist Kris Wade, and drummer Robb Kidd. Forsyth’s piano, guitar, accordion, and melodica complement Hunt’s intimate and sultry vocals as well as her soulful fiddle style, creating a welcoming, yet intriguing sound that seizes listeners’ attention on the first song, the jaunty, swing-influenced “Darkness,” and holds it for the next forty minutes, until the final notes of the album’s closer, the emotional piano-and-violin ballad “Send Out Your Love,” fade away.

Walk with Me draws from multiple roots genres as Hunt channels jazz greats like Billie Holiday on torch songs like “Warm Summer’s Evening” and “You Can Love,” while her fiddling on the accordion-laced “Walk of Angeline” would make Cajun fiddle legend Michael Doucet proud. “Long Gone” and “Flee Fly Flow Flum” are two of the summer’s most infectious pop songs, and on “You Know by Now,” which is anchored by Forsyth’s piano and melodica, Hunt proves she is an exceptional vocalist, infusing each note with a nearly tangible ache.

Performing tour dates from the West Coast to the East this summer and into the fall, Hunt and Forsyth will get to indulge their rambling ways once more. With the release of Walk with Me, listeners get to accompany them on their musical journey; riding shotgun has never been more fun.


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